Today, CONDOR ELECTRONICS is developing itself, its staff is growing as well as his expertise. Our priority goal is to ensure the durability and the sustainable development of the company. Our company draws its first wealth from men and women who composed and built its values in agreement with the principles of prevention of risks to the health, safety at work and for the environment, with the constant concern of our customers satisfaction. That is why we have defined our main goals in agreement with our strategic directions:

1. Consolidate and develop our position of manufacturer and major supplier for the electronics industry, domestic appliances, computer equipment and renewable energy, by developing a permanent listening to our partners, our customers and consumers.

This direction includes the following goals:

  • Conquer new markets at the international level;
  • Expand the distribution network to the entire national territory and develop a policy of distribution through CONDOR  ELECTRONICS showrooms;
  • Broaden our range of products;
  • Improve and strengthen the after sales service for our products.

2. Promote the research, development and partnership within our company in order to diversify and improve our products taking into account the expectations of our stakeholders.

This direction includes the following goals:

  • Control the value of our products by the improvement of the quality/ price ration and the reduction of manufacturing costs;

3. Put at the disposal of our company the skills required for the achievement of results and keeping a healthy working environment while cultivating among our employees a feeling of membership and belonging.

This direction includes the following goals:

  • Adapt the organization to our strategy;
  • Put in place policies for recruitment and training;
  • Preserve the health and safety of all individuals involved on all our sites of activities.

To do this, the General Management is committed to:

  • Put the necessary means for the implementation of this policy;
  • Take all necessary measures to prevent any risk of pollution and harm to health and safety at work;
  • Ensure the continuous improvement in quality, environment, health and safety at work;
  • Comply with the legal requirements, regulations and other requirements;
  • Ensure that our Management System remains effective;
  • Strengthen the transparency of the corporation's governance.


The above goals defined by the general management are deployed at all levels of the company and its partners, and this is to involve every employee in the process of continuous improvement conducted by the general management.
This implies therefore the effort and the will of all and each individual in all the tasks and functions that we require in a daily basis.



Done at Bordj Bou Arreridj, 21/02/2015